Marking Appliances

Appliance manufacturers are increasingly turning toward laser marking, etching, and engraving systems for efficient, high quality marks on their components. Whether precise, permanent marks on stainless steel, sub-surface glass etching, or marking components for easy inventory and tracking, the use of lasers has become an industry standard.

Advantages of Laser Marking Appliances

With glass and metal, particularly stainless steel, so prevalent in today’s appliance construction, finding a marking solution that’s fast, accurate, and aesthetically beautiful is important. Lasers provide distinct advantages over other marking methods that cannot be overlooked.

  • Laser marking leaves no appreciable byproducts for cleanup. Metals are marked using oxidation or ablation, and most commonly, glass is marked between the surfaces leaving a clear, visible mark with no waste.
  • Computer based graphic files make part changeover simple using our LaserGraf32 software.
  • All parts are permanently marked and are resistant or impervious to rigorous wear and tear.
  • Non-contact marking means no damage or deterioration to appliance parts.

Laser Marking Systems for Appliance Manufacturers

CMS Laser systems are used by the world’s top appliance manufacturers (see our Client List), adding real and perceived high-end value to their appliances. Our systems are highly adaptable to the varying needs of production lines, and can be added into fully automated processes. Process validation is also available, with vision verification possible pre and post cycle. Validation ensures proper part placement and alignment before marking, and can verify accurate marking afterward.

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Cutting and Drilling

Cutting & Drilling In Appliance Mfg

Components in appliances require the presence of multiple holes and openings. Stamping is commonly used but there are limitations. The pressure from the cuts can warp the metal, burrs require secondary finishing, and there is an increased cost of ownership in replacing mechanical parts used in the process. When Control Micro Systems provides you with a laser solution retooling is minimized, allowing different applications and new designs to be quickly implemented.

Appliance Laser Cutting/Drilling Advantages

Laser cutting steel can create apertures as small as 100 microns. Patterned cuts, like hinge openings or logos, can be changed out easily for new part designs. In fact, the flexibility and capability in laser cutting might even allow your design engineers to re-imagine how components come together.

CMS Laser cutting systems can also readily adapt to any part with a simple change to the program. You can run shorter batches, or make parts JIT (Just In Time), because the changeover is quick and easy. Flexibility, speed, and accuracy solve the problems presented with the standard mechanical means of component manufacturing.

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Laser CuttingLaser Drilling | Laser Marking | Laser Welding | On The Fly Technology


Welding Appliances

Appliances present unique challenges when welding components together. Tight spaces and impossible angles for current welding techniques are no problem for the laser system. The use of robotics on assembly lines, as well as in turnkey systems, give the laser unequaled access to those spaces.

Welding with lasers is typically faster than any other method, whether employed deep penetration welds or heat conduction welds. Add the extraordinary ability to reach into small areas and a laser solution can clearly bring shorter manufacturing times, new efficient steps in the build process, and lower employee exposure to risk-laden tasks.

Appliance Welding Systems

The entire manufacturing process, from initial interaction with components through finishing techniques, can benefit from CMS Laser’s 30+ years of industrial laser application solutions. For a no cost to you sample evaluation, please fill out our Sample Processing Request Form and we will be in contact to show you how you can benefit from our expertise.

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