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Control Micro Systems, 4420-A Metric Drive Winter Park, FL 32792-6961
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Founded in 1983 and privately owned, Control Micro Systems, Inc. has established a reputation for reliable, state-of-the-art laser systems backed by the service and support of a professional, highly skilled technical staff. CMS specializes in the design and manufacture of customized industrial laser systems. Visit our manufacturing facility in Winter Park, Florida, a suburb of Orlando. CMS has the most comprehensive applications laboratory in the country with 7 different types of lasers and a wide variety of beam delivery/configuration optics and test/verification equipment.
We take full advantage of the variety of lasers available to us. We're a systems manufacturer, not a laser manufacturer, so we're not in the position of having to make any one type of laser perform a task better suited to a different wavelength or laser technology.
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CMS has hundreds of systems installed around the world and some of the largest single-site laser system installations in and out of the country. Our customer base includes many Fortune 500 companies and covers a broad spectrum of industries, including: electronics, semiconductor, medical, pharmaceutical, automation, aerospace, chemical and plastics.
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Many years experience in systems manufacturing and a non-stop R&D program have made CMS the leader in applying a diverse range of industrial lasers to manufacturing challenges. We are the only company with the experience and resources to match the exact laser media, optics configuration, galvanometric beam motion system and computer control with your specific processing requirements. So please browse our site, enjoy yourself and perhaps learn a little about the exciting world of laser technology!
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About Us | Inside CMS Laser | Laser Engineering Solutions
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