Applications of Industrial Lasers

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Laser wavelengths span from the ultraviolet through the visible to the far infrared. We're the only company with the resources necessary to determine the best laser for your unique marking, engraving, etching or welding requirements.
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Apps Lab | Laser Selection | View Samples | Vision Verification

In-house Applications Laboratory

There are many aspects to laser marking, laser etching, laser drilling, laser cutting and laser welding. Some systems can be as simple as putting a part into the marking area and pressing the mark button. Others need vision placement/mark verification systems and still others need part automation and integration into existing production lines. Included in our library are details on vision systems, part automation systems, information on laser selection and more!

Our Applications Lab is the only testing facility that employs as diverse a range of solid-state and gaseous lasers to establish the technical and economic feasibility of your application. We utilize laser power levels from several milliwatts average power to 50 joules per pulse maximum pulse energy.

Literature Request 355nm laser.

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