Portable Hand-held Laser Marking Systems

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Features & Benefits:

  • Portability (operation window 1 to 6 feet off the ground)
  • Ease of operation (optional accessory | boom system provides 15′X20′ access area)
  • Meets rigorous government IUID compliance and industry standards
  • Capable of marking 2D Matrix Codes, UID Barcodes, serial numbers, and other defined data formats
  • High quality and durability (permanent mark)
  • Low-voltage power source
  • Superb beam quality
  • Multi-language interface & user manuals
  • Other configurations available

(patent pending #12/861,488)

Automotive glass in place on the laser fixture.


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Laser engraving of a VIN number on a car window.

CO2 DOT laser mark

The laser engraviing system fixture.

Ease of operation

The laser engraviing system fixture.

Laser marking on glass

Glass Home | Portable Hand-held | Pulsed Laser Etching | Marking Inside Glass
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