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Control Micro Systems designs and builds computer controlled laser systems for your company's specific needs. Vector laser drilling, cutting and welding applies computer-generated images to a wide variety of metallic and nonmetallic materials. Mechanical cutting and drilling methods can mar the product surface. Non-contact laser cutting and drilling means better quality and less wastage. The combination of industrial lasers, galvanometric imaging systems and computer control provides the user with a unique combination of precision, speed and versatility that cannot be matched by any other technique.

Laser drilled plastic nozzles.

The laser can perform within extremely tight tolerances with extraordinary consistency and repeatability.

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Laser welded battery terminal.

The laser can complete most tasks much faster than conventional methods.

Laser cut cell phone touch pads.

The laser provides superior cut and hole quality, and unsurpassed flexibility when changes to pattern and depth are necessary.

To get a better understanding and see a few examples of our most recent applications, click on your area of interest:

Click on 'Laser Drilling' above to see some photos of how an aerosol spray valve had holes installed using a 75-watt laser. The hole that was drilled was 0.018" in size.

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