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Control Micro Systems, Inc.

Laser Based Manufacturing Solutions

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LED & PCB Laser Marking Systems


Laser Marking Tools

laser system

Key manufacturers and industry professional continue to search for cost-efficient ways to deliver better and longer lasting tools that adheres to strict quality controls. Precision lasers for the industrial market can offer the manufacturing sector as a whole with a wide array of valuable solutions such as marking, cutting, and engraving among other uses. metal marking sample

With this in mind, CMS Laser continues to support material processing manufacturers find the most advantageous Ytterbium fiber laser system that meets even the most stringent requirements and budgets. Additionally, this type of industrial laser system can mark on a wide-range of materials (e.g., plastics, metals, etc.) and operate up to 100,000 hours with maximum output power ranging from 10W to 50W. Additional option(s) include but are not limited to on-the-fly laser marking of tools.

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To continue, our turnkey industrial laser marking systems can also be uniquely designed to help you reach sound production goals regardless of the process and work piece:

• Get the most out of machine uptime and throughput
• Precision and quality
• Falling in line with safety, regulations, and industry standards
• Mobility

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We look forward the opportunity to talk to you regarding laser marking your tools. Call 407.679.9716 or email us to discuss your laser marking application; or for immediate interest, please complete our application form for a complimentary feasibility study on laser marking your tools.

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CMS Laser Exhibiting at the Assembly & Automation Technology Expo 2011 | September 20-22, 2011—Assembly—Automation-Tech–Expo-2011.html?soid=1103599941406&aid=DnRXkLFu8tk.


Benefits of Portable Hand-held Laser Marking Systems

portable hand-held laser marking systemIn the past few years, industrial laser technology has developed a growing need for portable laser systems that are able to handle demanding needs for material processing. Product engineers are browsing for better, longer lasting, and versatile laser systems that are able to mark a variety of materials with high quality permanent marks.

With this in mind, Control Micro Systems has developed a portable hand-held laser marking system that offers a wide variety of laser sources for direct part marking of almost all metallic and non-metallic materials. This portable laser marker configuration is particularly well suited to marking IUID codes in compliance with the latest DOD directives. In addition to military use, our state-of-the-art portable laser marking system can be utilized for a variety of industries such as automotive, aerospace, appliance, defense-military, and many more.

The following videos will illustrate the unique features and benefits:

• Portability / ease of operation
• Meets rigorous government compliance and industry standards
• High quality and durability
• Low voltage power source
• Superb beam quality

In addition to the above featured benefits, the portable laser marker system includes a tool balancer suspension of the emitter system (aka mark head) permitting an operation window from 1 foot to 6 feet off the ground and when suspended by the boom the system is effortlessly operated in a 15′X20′ foot print. Other configurations available.

More importantly our high quality laser ensures that the 2D matrix specification remains readable even in challenging conditions. Control Micro Systems’ portable laser marker can permanently mark readable UID bar code that includes serial numbers and other defined data formats.

Control Micro Systems can deliver a custom laser marking system designed and configured specifically for your distinctive marking application. Give us an opportunity to bid on fulfilling your laser marking requirements. Contact us today for a complimentary feasibility study on laser marking your parts! 407-679-9716 | Contact Us |


Laser Wire Marking Equipment Top Products 2010 | CMS laser

wire marking system
CMS Laser | Control Micro Systems’ wire stripping / marking system was recently recognized by the Wire & Cable Connector, an industry trade publication with one of the Top Products of 2010 Winner in their Wire & Cable Technology International (Jan./Feb. 2011) issue.

See our laser wire marking equipment below in action!

For additional information on our high speed laser stripping / marking system visit us at Need to talk to an engineer about your unique laser needs? Contact us today for a complimentary feasibility study on laser marking your parts! 407-679-9716 | Contact Us |


CMS Laser Exhibiting at the Electrical Wire Processing Technology Expo

wire and cable laser wire marking systems

Top Products of 2010 Winner Wire & Cable Technology International (Jan./Feb. 2011)

See Control Micro Systems at the 11th Annual Electrical Wire Processing Technology Expo in Milwaukee!

Control Micro Systems is pleased to announce we are exhibiting at the 11th Annual Electrical Wire Processing Technology Expo in booth: 1445. Please stop by to see our AeroLase wire/cable laser marking system in action!
wire marker AeroLase

Some of the advantages of the AeroLase wire/cable laser marker include high speed on-the-fly marking, vertical and horizontal text marking and unlimited fonts and sizes. Don’t miss out on the potential benefits of this exciting and evolving technology.

Our engineers in the booth will gladly discuss with you the technical feasibility of laser processing your wire & cables or other materials and assist you in determining the potential financial benefits of incorporating laser technology. We look forward to seeing you!

Not Attending the 11th Annual Electrical Wire Processing Technology Expo….

We would like to offer you the services of our applications lab to process samples at no cost to you. Simply fill out our “Applications Request Form.”


Tablet Laser Drilling & Marking Systems at INTERPHEX 2011

tablet drilling system
Saw CMS Laser at INTERPHEX in New York 2011?

Control Micro Systems is the industry innovator in pharmaceutical tablet laser drilling and marking systems. With over 25 years experience developing high speed, “on-the-fly” laser systems, we are your best choice for drilling your tablets or capsules. We have supplied both production and research and development systems to pharmaceutical companies around the world and are always looking at new innovative designs to help our customers exceed their requirements in regards to throughput, aperture requirements and product dimensions.

Control Micro Systems offers true “on-the-fly” tracking of tablets producing superior aperture quality over the full range of aperture sizes. The CMS handling system offers a superior handling environment for a smoother transition and reduced chance of tablet breakage and lost yield. The CMS design allows for a large range of tablet dimensions to be drilled with little to no changeover between sizes.

CMS offers a complete solution to the pharmaceutical customers laser drilling and marking needs including software for compliance to 21 CFR part 11, integrated vision inspection of the tablets, process validation, and support and documentation for the IQ, OQ and PQ tests for system validation.

Didn’t Attend INTERPHEX in New York 2011…

We would like to offer you the services of our applications lab to mark samples at no cost to you. Simply fill out our “Application Form.” Control Micro Systems can deliver a custom pharmaceutical tablet drilling and marking system designed and configured specially for your distinctive marking application.

Need more information on pharmaceutical tablet drilling and marking? Visit us at or Contact us today for a complimentary feasibility study on laser marking your parts! 407-679-9716 | Contact Us |

We look forward in hearing from you!


Laser Wafer & Die Processing Equipment

wafer marking systemIntroducing to you our latest laser wafer marking system equipment from Control Micro Systems.

At Control Micro Systems we combine our years of experience with a variety of disciplines to provide a turn-key solution: integrating state of the art laser applications with process automation and system validation. By utilizing the wide range of lasers and imaging optics developed by Control Micro Systems we frequently provide our customers with exceptional processing performance and we never lose sight of the ultimate goal of your interest in laser technology… improved productivity and lower costs. As such with wafer processing; serialization for traceability, scribing and lapping wafers we offer a range of solutions tailored for your specific requirements.  When determining the system offerings we take into account that it must meet many processing requirements such as geometries, dimensions, line width, slag tolerances, and clean room protocol. In addition substrates:  silicon, sapphire, compounds (GaAS, InP, SiCO2, SiGe etc.), crystal wafers (LiTaO3 and LiNbO3) or photo resist exposing; of course, handling needs and throughput must be considered when offering the best solution for your needs.

Advantages of the laser wafer marking systems include:

  • The UV Laser System (355nm or 266nm) offers the best solution when process tolerances are the most important deciding factor.
  • The 532 Laser UV System offers a solution including reduced line width in regards to the above offerings; in the 15 micron range.
  • The Fiber Laser System provides solutions where tighter tolerances are required.
  • The CO2 Laser System offers an economical solution suitable for serialization and dicing for use in higher class clean rooms, when larger geometries and line widths are acceptable and slag is not a major concern.

For complete list of benefits for the silicon | sapphire wafer marks and insights into our new innovative laser wafer equipment visit

Need more information on wafer marking?  Contact us today for a complimentary feasibility study on laser marking your parts! 407-679-9716 | Contact Us |


CMS Laser | Control Micro Systems | Trade Show Schedule 2011

We look forward in seeing you at any of our upcoming industry trade shows in 2011.  Please visit CMS Laser | Control Micro Systems at our booth to converse more about the latest in laser technology advancements and its benefits.  We look forward in serving your laser marking needs.

Contact us today for a complimentary feasibility study on laser marking your parts! 407-679-9716 | Contact Us |

See you there!

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