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Founded in 1983, an early innovator in software controls development, Control Micro Systems grew rapidly into being a supplier of complete industrial laser systems.

Control Micro Systems has built its reputation on providing solutions for laser based applications. This capability includes part handling along with vision/validation. We have a large global installed base dealing with a wide variety of materials and applications from R&D to high volume manufacturing (see our Client List).

Our engineers are among the best in the laser industry with over 250 cumulative years of laser industry experience. Our staff has the choice of using any laser that is available in the market. When a standard laser is not available to provide a solution, we are able to modify or develop one that will. Control Micro Systems makes laser selection decisions based on what provides the solution, not on a select group of lasers.

A visit to our application lab will attest to the advanced research we are involved in on a daily basis. We offer a no cost to you analysis to show you how we will identify and implement a solution to fit your need. Send us samples of your products by filling out the Sample Processing Request Form for submitting parts to our Applications Lab and we will be in contact to show you how we can provide the end result you require.

CMS Laser Today

- 60 employees in our complete development, testing, and manufacturing facility in Winter Park, Florida.

- Industry leading Applications Development Lab offering 15+ lasers, optics, robotics, and vision verification capabilities to find solutions for every manufacturing challenge.

- Installation base includes North, Central, and South America, Europe, Australia, and Asia.

- Worldwide Sales and Service locations including Mexico, Spain, Israel, India, Turkey, South Korea, and China.

- Industry experts in pre- and post-process applications, including “Through-the-Optic” vision, OCR (Optical Character Recognition), and vision for graphics alignment.

client roster

Our clients are some of the most successful and prestigious companies in the world

Control Micro Systems has the pleasure of working with truly great companies…leading edge companies who are constantly expanding the potential of the world and it’s resources. We collaborate with engineers, designers, management, boards, and suppliers to provide industrial laser solutions that maximize the ability for each company to produce their products with the highest quality.

You can find our custom designed laser systems in nearly every manufacturing field and in many places that might not be obvious. Our Applications Lab has created some extraordinary solutions allowing for the speed and accuracy of lasers to move into industries where it’s not been commonly used before. It means another engineering team in support of our clients, and a new group of people to help you achieve optimal production levels.

To see some of the businesses we’ve worked with see our Client Roster


Control Micro Systems builds laser systems for any industry application.

There’s scarcely an item you encounter in your daily life that hasn’t somehow, somewhere, come in contact with an industrial laser. CMS Laser custom builds industry-specific solutions used in over 30 countries, by hundreds of businesses from Fortune 100 multinational corporations to small specialty shops.

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    Control Micro Systems Inc.’s Gen4 laser system is designed to mark and verify ECC200 data matrix symbology as well as.



Lasers – We work with all laser types and manufacturers to provide the laser solution that meets your requirements. If needed, we will develop a laser to meet your needs.

Applications – Extensive capabilities in any type of laser application. We encourage you to visit our Applications Lab and meet with our talented engineering staff, and see one of the most complete facilities in the industry.

Validation – Visual verification of process increases yield, throughput, and minimizes Cost of Ownership.

Automation – From turntables to fully automated automatic feed systems with verification, minimal operator input or interaction, Control Micro Systems can provide a solution.

Applications Development Lab

Our in-house Applications Lab leads the industry, challenging every limit of laser technology. Our engineers take your samples and design a laser application that exactly meets the specifications and demands of your product.

Return On Investment

CMS Laser systems provide an excellent return on investment. With faster processing speeds, no additional consumables, reduction in human error, fewer out of spec pieces, and excellent integration capabilities within your manufacturing systems, CMS Laser’s industrial manufacturing systems allow you extraordinary flexibility and savings.