• Wire Laser Marked Home Banner
    Using CMS Laser's wire marking and stripping systems, easy to read marks on wire can be applied at speeds approaching 850 ft/min. Wire stripping can remove sheathing and insulation without damage to the conductive wire.
  • Laser Marking On Side Edge Of Metal Ring Home Banner
    Our industrial laser metal marking systems will mark virtually any metal or alloy. Talk to us today for a no-obligation application development in our state of the art lab using your samples.
  • Closeup Of Laser Marking Small 2D Code On Small PCB Board Home Banner
    PCB marking with lasers allows for greater speed and precision, yet requires no direct contact with increasingly complex and sensitive substrates and circuits. We build systems using UV or CO2 lasers to provide you with the best solution for your boards.
  • Laser Drilled Tablets At High Speed Home Banner
    Our pharmaceutical industry tablet drillers provide speeds exceeding 140,000 tablets/hr, and reliability allowing you long run times. We build full production line and R&D tablet drilling systems
  • Depaneling System Performs Close Tolerance Work Home Banner
    PCB Depaneling using lasers is unmatched in meeting complex board shape, layer removal, and speed requirements in today's high tech world. Our systems can work with any substrate, including the growing use of aluminum boards.
  • Laser Welding Metal Tubes Home Banner
    Metals and alloys, plastics, and even glass can be welded using laser welding system. Talk to our engineers about a no-obligation application developed in our lab using your sample parts.
  • Laser Marked Wafer Home Banner
    Laser marking and cutting systems are making significant contributions in the semiconductor field. Ask our engineers how our laser cutting and marking systems can work for your company.
  • Laser Welded Plastic Parts Home Banner
    Many industries, including medical device and consumer goods manufacturers, are growing the demand for CMS Laser plastic welding systems, including a huge need for "Clear-on-Clear" capabilities.
  • Tray Of Plastic Parts Picked By Robotics And Laser Marked Home Banner
    Fast, clean, and with no physical part contact, laser plastic marking can produce thousands of characters per minute with no dyes, inks, or clean-up costs. Our systems range from hand-loaded desktop and rotary table models to full robotic part handling and automation.
  • Laser Cutting Sapphire Wafer Home Banner
    Laser cutting is useful on hundreds of materials as it can cut with unmatched precision, speed, and is not restrained by jigs or guides. Virtually any pattern or shape devised can be cut using our industrial laser cutting systems.
  • Dual 532 Nd:YVO4 lasers marking plastic housings in a 3 position rotary table system.
    3 position rotary table with dual 532 Nd:4 lasers marking plastic housings used in the sports and adventure industries. The system may be run in single or dual operator modes.


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